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Quality Management Fundamentals

Exploring innovative processes in improving quality management across the supply chain


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Oct 25th - Room 4.4 

Oct  25th       14:00 - 14:15 (CET)    Room: 4.4, Conference Centre 4


Speaker: Elisabeth Stampa, President, Medicines for Europe

Oct  25th       14:15 - 14:35 (CET)    Room: 4.4, Conference Centre 4

Understanding the impact of ingredient quality on pharmaceutical companies of all sizes is essential. Join this presentation to dive deeper into ingredient quality trends and solutions available to minimize risk. This presentation will address:


• Potential impact to pharmaceutical companies concerning recent regulatory trends relating to ingredient quality
• Supplier qualification process examples at pharmaceutical companies

• Tools that can assist small and large pharmaceutical companies with reducing supply chain risk and disruptions due to ingredient quality




Speaker: Danita Broyles, Associate Director - Quality Assurance - Analytical Compliance, Harmony Biosciences

Oct  25th       14:40 - 15:00 (CET)    Room: 4.4, Conference Centre 4

Most pharmaceutical companies are slowly adopting an electronic method to manage the quality of operational processes and organisational priorities across the value chain. Join us and hear from our expert on how to maximise automation systems in your supply chain.


• Obtain the quality information you need to discover failures early, and rapidly adjust your production process when needed

• Automate quality control to process a high volume of samples and reduce human error




John Giannone, VP Industry Programs, Small Molecules & Growth Programs, U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP)

Albert Codony Ferre
, Site Quality Head, Beiersdorf

Oct  25th       15:05 – 15:25 (CET)    Room: 4.4, Conference Centre 4

Continuous manufacturing offers flexibility in scaling up or down production, resulting in improved supply chain management and reduced drug shortages. Join us to learn how continuous manufacturing can be enhanced with the implementation of advanced systems and integrating real-time analytics to improving overall quality.


• How continuous manufacturing and Process Analytical Technology enhance quality and process understanding

• Best practice in setting up continuous manufacturing production lines


Speaker: Lawrence De BelderContinuous Manufacturing Practice Lead, Pharmatech Associates, Inc.

Oct  25th       15:30 - 15:50 (CET)    Room: 4.4, Conference Centre 4

The ACS Green Chemistry Institute (GCI) and the pharmaceutical industry are collaborating to advance and facilitate the implementation of research, development, and commercialisation of greener chemistries for a more sustainable pharma industr

To catalyse tangible green and sustainable chemistry and engineering innovation, the member companies of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable (ACS GCIPR) have identified, designed, and deeply examined a unique toolbox that includes an array of commonly agreed-upon metrics and tools, widely used by the industry while designing their processes.


This session covers the following:


• Developing effective accessible tools, including Reagent Guides, an interactive solvent selection tool, a calculator for comparing the environmental impact of analytical methods.
• Assessing current benchmarks of 
pharmaceutical processes as well as a preview of new tools currently in development.


SpeakerIsamir Martinez, Scientific Alliances & Business Engagement Manager, ACS Green Chemistry Institute 

Oct  25th       15:55 - 16:45 (CET)    Room: 4.4, Conference Centre 4

Technology is playing an ever-greater role in life sciences, and new ways of working in automation and supply chain. Join our panel of experts where they will delve into what is required in developing a new standard for manufacturing quality.


• Focus on business and patient outcomes over technology to help identify the right set up

• Making your data actionable to improve decision-making and real-world automation

• Identifying the right ERP system for your supply chain and manufacturing process

• Establishing measurable KPIs to better manage and evolve your supplier network based on qualitative and quantitative factors



John Giannone, VP Industry Programs Small Molecules & Growth Programs, U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP)


Lawrence De Belder, Continuous Manufacturing Practice Lead, Pharmatech Associates, Inc.

Isamir Martinez, Scientific Alliances & Business Engagement Manager, ACS Green Chemistry Institute

Danita Broyles, Associate Director - Quality Assurance - Analytical Compliance, Harmony Biosciences
Krishna Venkatesh,
Global Head of Injectables Operations, Dr. Reddy’s

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