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Partnering for Success

Exploring the dynamics of partner selection, collaboration, and diversification


Oct 24th - Room 4.3

Oct  24th       14:00 - 14:15 (CET)    Room: 4.3, Conference Centre 4

Setting the scene for the CDMO Landscape

Speaker: Vinay Saluja
, Global Head Development Services, Global Biotech Cooperations, CDMO, Novartis 

Oct  24th       14:15 - 14:35 (CET)    Room: 4.3, Conference Centre 4

The pharmaceutical landscape is undergoing a dynamic transformation, driven by technological advancements and a renewed perspective on collaborations.

Central to this transformation is the role of CDMOs as strategic partners. In addition to providing access to the cutting-edge technologies that are reshaping drug production and supply chain management, CDMOs offer critical insights and guidance to ensure these technologies are leveraged to their maximum potential, delivering unparalleled value.

While advances in materials, engineering, and manufacturing processes set the stage for progress, it is the intangible elements of partnership – expertise, communication, trust, collaboration, vision, and foresight, among other — that enable teams to meet the nuanced needs of each development project, ensuring that innovation finds its way from concept to reality.


Join us as we explore how CDMOs are embracing innovation and redefining the partnership paradigm. The discussion will revolve around three pivotal developments shaping the industry's future:


  • Fully flexible manufacturing solutions. Explore how CDMOs are leveraging adaptable platforms to cater to diverse production needs

  • Continuous manufacturing. Understand how transitioning from batch-based to continuous processes enables enhanced product consistency, scalability, and efficiency

  • Digital enablement and analytical capabilities. Discover how digital enablement is unlocking new frontiers in product quality, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency.

Speaker: Anil Kane, Ph.D., MBA Global Head of Technical & Scientific Affairs, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Oct  24th       14:40 - 15:00 (CET)    Room: 4.3, Conference Centre 4

Join us as we dive into the key considerations of choosing a CDMO as a biotech, and how to select the perfect partner:


• Establishing a pre-partner checklist of what you need (regulation, manufacturing technology, and logistics) to avoid unnecessary costly measures

• Why understanding your molecule format will help drive the process pathway for your potential partner

• Creating clear communication lines and expectations from the start


SpeakerJulien Laizé, Head of Global CTM External Manufacturing, Valneva

Oct  24th       15:05 - 15:25 (CET)    Room: 4.3, Conference Centre 4

Join our industry expert from Roche where they delve into how CDMO’s can be set up differently to enhance their value to their customers.


• How CDMO organizations can be designed differently from the traditional way and an additional value can be realized.

• How the Lean/Agile principles can be applied to organization design.

• How the expectations from CDMOs are evolving


Speaker: Shilpl Ghosh, CDMO Site Management Chapter Lead (Infectious Disease, Immunology, Opthalmoogy), Roche

Oct  24th       15:30 - 15:50 (CET)    Room: 4.3, Conference Centre 4

Having the right CDMO partners can provide valuable lessons in establishing successful collaborations for you and external service providers. Join and listen to the best practices in developing long- lasting relationships.


• Outlining collaborative and communication strategies that can help enhance an outsourcing partnership

• The importance of information sharing between client and vendor for effective situation response

• Case study showcase of a successfully implemented partnership strategy


Speaker: Federica Fraschetti, Associate Director - Focus Factory Leader, Merck

Oct  24th       15:55 - 16:45 (CET)    Room: 4.3, Conference Centre 4

Finish off the day by joining our experts to understand the latest trends and developments in the CDMO space, and strategies for developing successful partnerships


• Market trends and developments in the CDMO space

• Reviewing your in-house capabilities to determine what services you need

• Best practices in optimising communication with your chosen vendor for optimal results

• When not to outsource?


Gil Roth, President, PBOA


Federica Fraschetti, Associate Director - Focus Factory Leader, Merck

Shilpi Ghosh, Chapter Leader, I2O, CDMO, Roche
Anil Kane, Ph.D., MBA, Global Head of Technical & Scientific Affairs, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Raman Sehgal, Founder and Host, Molecule to Market Podcast

In person - day 2

2nd Nov       14:00-14.30 AM           Europa Room, Hall 4.0- Keynote

Pfizer’s manufacturing excellence story can be likened to the sport of crew rowing. Eight people, literally rowing in the same direction in unison. Multiple efforts, focus and strengths are combined in the pursuit of a common goal. It takes precise choreography, teamwork and a common understanding of the manner in which results can and should be achieved.

“The power of the team is unlocked as each rower works in harmony, adding their power to the whole. When everyone buys in and commits to the system, great things can be achieved.”


IMEx (Integrated Manufacturing Excellence) is Pfizer’s production system that mandates a common way of working, applies that at all levels, globally and rewards individuals, teams and facilities on their outcomes. The advantages and success of IMEx are shown clearly in increased speed to patients. That’s the focal point of what Pfizer does and a tool like IMEx is important because it supports that global goal.

But how do we apply it to our CDMO business? How do we leverage such a powerful tool to create the same value for our clients? How does the coxswain and team, working together, create harmony with a supply chain that isn’t entirely our own?

Answering these questions are the crux of this presentation.

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2nd Nov      14.40-15.30 PM           Europa Room, Hall 4.0

2nd Nov       14:40-15.30 AM           Also doing Awards Keynote

2nd Nov      14.40-15.30 PM           Also presenting another session on sustainability

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