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Is your company eligible?

Eligible candidates must:

  • Classify themselves as a ‘Start-Up’
  • Be active in the pharma, biopharma, digital or medical device sector
  • Be considered a Micro or small enterprise according to the EU definition (fewer than 50 employees and a turnover of less than 10 million annually)
  • Have a product which is either in proof of concept, prototype or commercialised stage
  • Commit to attending CPHI Milan 2023 in-person, (24-26 October).



Have you previously exhibited at CPHI in the Start-Up Market for more than 3 years?


By entering and participating in the CPHI Start-Up Market you confirm you are a Start-Up as per the criteria above.


Please note, participation in the Start-Up Market is subject to approval – Informa Markets reserves the right to confirm or deny admission.

What does the Start-Up package include?

Exhibition Space

  • A tabletop stand and two chairs within the Start-up Market.


  • The Start-Up Market will be promoted to attendees and exhibitors as a show feature
  • Your company added to the Exhibitor List on CPHI website
  • Start-Up Awards - an entry to a brand new category at the CPHI Pharma Awards - Start-Up Innovation, and two passes to the invite-only event
  • The Start-Up Market promoted across the CPHI social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Inclusion in the Product Innovation Guide - a brochure listing innovative companies and solutions which will be available digitally pre-show, and in print on-site

Whats on offer?

  • Access to our incredible list of Start-Up mentors, who are key thought leaders in their field and are on hand to help you achieve your goals
  • Exclusive start-up "menu" from our partners CCD to help generate the publicity you deserve and link you with prospective partners
  • Access to the Start-Up networking lounge in the middle of the Start-Up Market - a dedicated space for your meetings 
  • Seat for one representative at the Networking Roundtable 'Fostering Start-Up Innovation in Pharma' on 26th October, to meet with our mentors and your peers

Start-Up Market Pitch Sessions

For Start-Ups this is the chance to showcase their exciting innovation in front of investors, change-makers and potential customers.


Each Start-Up will have an 8 minute pitch, including 5 minutes speaking to their innovation and a 3 minute Q&A from the audience.


We encourage you to hear from our exciting Start-Ups as each explores a new solution from across the Pharma supply chain - whether it be AI, ML, Sustainability - and more!

Session Moderator: Sophie Whitehead

Session Theme: Innovation in CPHI Pharmaceutical Start-Ups

Day 1 – Innovation Scouts

Oct  24th       12:00 (CET)

We use deep learning algorithms to inspect pharmaceutical drug products in an automated way. We were the first company to qualify a deep learning algorithms in the pharma industry.


Thanks to our algorithms, we have the ability to inspect a product without shaking or rotating it making the inspection a lot simpler.


Our solutions are compliant with the 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 and involve use of full functionalities.


Speaker: Tristan Salomon, Founder & CEO, Axom

Oct  24th       12:15 (CET)

We make automated visual inspection accessible.

Luo improves the visual inspection of liquids for pharmaceutical applications. We research, develop, and produce automated visual inspection machines that relieve the manual tasks. We believe that this technology should be accessible to both larger and smaller companies. Showing proof and sharing knowledge guarantees a successful implementation of our machine in your facility.


We provide automation machines, tailored to your purpose. We have experience in the field of pharmaceutical applications, specifically with the automation of visual inspection processes. Our knowledge of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence allows this automated type of quality control to be available for small batches. All of our solutions are directed at making our machines rigid and reliable; each step is taken with deliberate planning, keeping the quality high. We are always open to discussing your visual inspection solutions together!


Speaker: FJoren Van der Horst, Founder, Luo Automation

Oct  24th       12:30 (CET)

The Capa Valve technology was first developed and patented in 2012 as a technology transfer from a bespoke piece of heating system maintenance equipment developed by Kevin Abbott. The novel valve arrangement if miniaturised would find application in medical syringes for dual stage sequential dispense of two separate liquids which was achieved in association with a local UK University.


Capa Valve has further developed the technology in response to the growing application of freeze-dried (lyophilised) drugs and the consequential need for a convenient low-risk, low-cost solution for the reconstitution of lyophilised drugs.


Speaker: Phil Green, CEO, Capavalve 

Day 1 – Customers

Oct  24th       15:00 (CET)

The CryoCargo110 is a high-quality mobile low-temperature warehouse, including storage system, safety, loading and unloading concept. The Cryocargo can be used to transport sensitive goods and as an emergency storage room. The trailer can be chewed turnkey at Thomaidis. In addition, Thomaidis can handle your low-temperature logistics in Europe and Asia with its own trucks. The technology used is fail-safe, simple and future-proof. The refrigeration technology is driven in mobile operation by redundant diesel generators and in stationary operation via the terrestrial power connection.


Speaker: Jan Zeller, CEO, Refolution

Oct  24th       15:15 (CET)

DUDE CHEM is a leading company in green chemical manufacturing based in Berlin. As a virtual deep tech manufacturer, we enable a greener supply of active pharmaceuticals (APIs) and their intermediates in order to transform the current pharma-chemical industry into an environmentally benign sector.


At DUDE CHEM, we strive to reflect our values and vision of sustainability not only in our products, but also in our daily operations; We are passionate about doing our part for the environment, our society and for our futures. We have started our journey to become the world leader in the supply of greener manufactured starting materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).


Speaker: Sonja Jost, CEO & Co Founder, DuDe Chem

Oct  24th       15:30 (CET)

IamFluidics creates monodisperse microbeads with controlled shape, size and composition using our proprietary and disruptive “in air microfluidics” production technology.


The microencapsulation process is intrinsically up to 1000x faster than conventional chip-based microfluidics, while providing similar precision and quality.


Furthermore, our technology is compatible with a wide variety of materials, can be readily upscaled, and facilitates reduction of solvents, together empowering the microencapsulation market of the future.


Speaker: Michiel van Alst, CEO, IamFluidics

Oct  24th       15:45 (CET)

We intend to highlight at CPHI Barcelona our High Dose Autoinjector with Injection Pause.


One of the most critical unmet, unsolved needs in injectable drug delivery is to be able to deliver high dose biologics, which tend to be higher in viscosity and larger in injection volume. 


Autoinjectors have widely been used for self-administration. However, conventional autoinjectors powered by compression springs are unable to provide the injection force necessary to administer viscous, high dose biologics quickly. This results in either long injection times (30 -60+ seconds) where the patient has to press the autoinjector against the skin for the duration of the injection. In some cases, the insufficient force provided by compression springs results in the injection stalling resulting in a lost dose.


The Congruence High Dose Autoinjector incorporates a proprietary compressed gas source to provide the force necessary to deliver a viscous, high dose biologic. We have demonstrated ability to inject a 2mL of a 100cP formulation using a standard glass prefilled syringe with a 27G staked needle. This Congruence autoinjector is compact with size similar to a conventional autoinjector (compression spring) designed to inject 1mL of low viscosity (1-5cP) drug.


Speaker: Gautam Shetty, Founder, CEO, Congruence Medical Solutions

Oct  24th       16:00 (CET)

CUBICStars offers CRO services, utilizing the CUBIC technique – a three-dimensional analysis technology for organs and the whole body – a result of many years of research at the University of Tokyo and RIKEN. Our services are revolutionizing the investigation of drug kinetics and other aspects of basic and non-clinical research phases, transitioning from two-dimensional section-based studies to comprehensive three-dimensional cellular analyses.


This innovation dramatically enhances the scope of information that can be obtained, with the potential for significantly improving research and development efficiency. In addition, we sell various reagents necessary for three-dimensional imaging in the form of kits. All these kits are manufactured in our lab in Japan, and boast high levels of quality and reliability.


Speaker: Yoji Otsuki, Executive Officer, Cubic stars

Oct  24th       16:15 (CET)

The main objective of Bioithas is research in Medicine and Biotechnology to contribute to generating knowledge about the relationship between the intestinal microbiota and health and disease , through the creation of probiotic-based food supplements based on clinical studies. Our research are focused mainly in dermatological and inflamatory diseases using the probiotic as a pecission treatment.



Speaker: Dr. Vicente Navarro López, CEO and Research Director, Bioithas

Oct  24th       16:30 (CET)

We are a biotech engineering house with a multidisciplinary team of electronics, biomedical, industrial design, mechanics, and biomaterial engineers. Generally all our activities range from preliminary design to transfer for manufacture, which encompasses idea conceptualisation, product and process optimisation, detailed design, support on all the regulatory aspects related to medical device development, and CMO sourcing. Our specialities include the development of microfluidic chips for inhaled APIs, development of connected devices (Bluetooth, App, etc.), machine automation, In-Vitro Fertilisation, In-Vitro Diagnostic devices and their disposables, hospital accessories, and development of biopharmaceutical production equipment.



Speaker: Fran Lorente, R&D Business Developer, Perdigo Medical

Day 2 – Investors

Oct  25th       11:00 (CET)

Veratrak provides their clients with a unified supply chain management platform anchored on blockchain, the Hub,  which links systems across pharmaceutical, logistics and contract manufacturing organisations to facilitate collaboration, improve visibility and generate efficiencies across supply chain operations. 


By integrating with the Hub, customers no longer require costly maintenance expertise and expensive testing to support logistics supplier integrations over time, reducing time to onboard new supply chain partners and eliminating peer-to-peer integration maintenance.


By supporting any file format from CSV, to XML, EDI or JSON, and any communication protocol from FTPS, to AS2, or API the Hub's agnostic approach supports existing technical stacks and provides the ability to onboard new partners seamlessly.


Integrated customers gain visibility across their supply chain to measure Scope 3 emissions, analyse their sustainability efforts, and take action to reduce their carbon footprint across their value chain.


Connected users manage warehouse partners, including communication of orders to and from warehouses, and access warehouse site management view through a unified dashboard for all deliveries and status updates across all logistics providers.


Speaker: Josee Leach, Head of Marketing, Veratrak

Oct  25th       11:15 (CET)

Igniting innovation lies at the heart of our business. As a research-driven company, we strive to pioneer drugs that harness the power of biopolymers and complex molecules. We are dedicated to exploring and unblocking the full therapeutic potential of these biochemical moieties that are safe, stable and sustainable.



Speaker: Praveer Gupta, Co-Founder and Technology Officer, Tenaco Labs

Oct  25th       11:30 (CET)

In CPHI Barcelona, we will be demonstrating our InSyBio Suite platform, a SaaS product for BioData analysis for Pharma and Nutrition Companies, and InSyBio Personalization tests, our signature pro-duct for personalizing nutrition, nutraceutical, supplements, probiotics and over-the-counter drug products. InSyBio Suite is a cloud-driven SaaS (Software as a Service) application. Commercial version 2.7 was recently launched in January 2023 and has more than 596 users and evaluators worldwide. It is being offered in single tool and whole Suite, 3 and 12 months licenses.


InSyBio Personalization tests are tailored maid tests developed by us for each product/company, are based on machine learning and biomarker and are used to personalize the usage of nutrition and pharma products, by allowing customers to predict and quantify their personalized benefits before even using the products.


Speaker: Konstantinos Theofilatos, CTO, InSyBio Inc.

Oct  25th       11:45 (CET)

ClorNovir is a revolutionary nasal spray that helps stop infections and treats virus. Our broad spectrum antiviral formulation is easy to use, safe and effective. It is superior to all of the available therapies, and is the only nasal spray that is Anti-Covid, and Anti Influenza A and B. With ClorNovir, you can have confidence that your symptoms will be relieved quickly, and you can get back to living your life to the fullest.


Speaker: Laura Santana, Director, Dr Ferrer BioPharma

Oct  25th       12:00 (CET)

FEMPHARMA has developed a ZINC containing, non-hormonal vaginal moisturizing gel which is in the market since 2017. It was developed for the restoration of vaginal wall/mucosa integrity and vaginal health. 


Sold over 30K boxes, JUVIAGEL has been proven to be effective and safe. It is the only ZINC containing vaginal gel globally protected by patent not to allow anybody else to put zinc into the vagina.


Vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) is an exceedingly common mucosal infection of the lower female reproductive tract, caused mostly by the polymorphic opportunistic fungus Candida albicans. The fungus Candida albicans causes an estimated half billion vaginal candidiasis infections every year.


Latest scientific finding (accepted and to be published in Science tm) shows that treatment of women suffering from recurrent vaginal candidiasis with a ZINC containing vaginal gel prevented reinfections.



Speaker: Dr Peter Takacs

Oct  25th       12:15 (CET)

Born out of innovation, PHIOGEN was founded by Baylor College of Medicine and is supported by BCM Ventures. We have partnered with TAILOR Labs, the US’s first phage discovery and manufacturing center, to bring scientific breakthroughs to patients at a population level. This combination of forces has equipped PHIOGEN with world-class science, unmatched commercial expertise and unlimited clinical access in the world’s largest medical center.


PHIOGEN’s unique platform is underpinned by innovative technology and expert insight to generate revolutionary breakthrough in phage biology. The proprietary platform consolidates state-of-the-art technologies inside a single structured research and development process focused on generating commercial solutions.


Speaker: Amanda Curtis Burkardt, CEO, Phiogen Inc.

Oct  25th       12:30 (CET)

Poor drug solubility is one of the main reasons for drug development failure. ZERION has a solution - Dispersome® - a technology that increases the chance of success for new drug development, allows for improvement of existing drugs enabling more new drugs to reach the market, and leads to improved treatment of patients as well as reduced toxic waste. The Dispersome® technology makes it possible to reduce the amount of active drug by up to 75%.


Speaker: Ole Wiborg, CEO, Zerion

Oct  25th       12:45 (CET)

YSK Laboratories (YSK) is an R&D company researching Formulation technologies to give “SMARTER FORMULATIONS” to our Customers. We specialise in Granulation Technologies for Solid dosage formulations till Directly Compressible (DC) granules stage and offer DC granules of Products/Combinations which give a “Smarter Tablet” in terms of one or more of the following parameters:

  • Better Solubility 
  • Improved Dissolution 
  • Miniaturisation of the Tablet improving Swallowability
  • Reduction in Excipient load 


For FDF companies, over the above mentioned advantages, DC granules usage also has added benefits of Increased Productivity and Efficiency, Cost Reduction, Eliminating in-house testing, Freeing up existing capacities Since DC granules can be directly compressed in a single step to manufacture Tablets. 


YSK also uses a “Green Technology” to manufacture the DC granules. We eliminate usage of Solvents in our process thereby eliminating the possibility of Organic Volatile Impurities (OVI) in final product.


Speaker: Yuvansh Khokhani, Managing Director, YSK Laboratories, India

Oct  25th       13:00 (CET)

"Our company, FIVE Validation, has created a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for Life Science companies that meets the compliance standards of EMA/FDA.


Our platform, GO!FIVE, enables validation studies to be conducted 5x than traditional manual processes, whether they are electronic, or paper based.


What sets us apart from other solutions is that our SaaS platform includes a pre-built library of validation protocols in its software database. This means that our users can leverage our platform's pre-ready validations to accelerate their processes and achieve greater efficiency."



Speaker: Silvia Martins, CEO & Co-Founder, Five Validation

Oct  25th       13:15 (CET)

"Plasto Design - where safety and innovation meet in the world of medical devices.


We are a dynamic start-up company dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare industry through the development of cutting-edge safety syringes.


At Plasto Design, we understand the importance of patient safety and healthcare professional well-being,

That’s why our team of talented engineers and medical experts have come together to create a range of advanced syringe solutions that prioritize both effectiveness and security.


Our solutions for safety syringes are designed with a singular goal in mind: to minimize the risk of accidental needlestick injuries, protect against bloodborne pathogens, and ensure a safe and reliable experience for healthcare workers and patients alike.

With our innovative designs and state-of-the-art technology, we aim to transform the way injections are administered, enhancing safety standards across the industry."



Speaker: Boaz Zer, CEO, Plasto Mold

Day 2 – Customers

Oct  25th       13:30 (CET)

Innovator of sustainable and economical two-step Autoinjector platform.


Speaker: John Palmer-Felgate, Founder, Eco-Inject Ltd

Oct  25th       13:45 (CET)

NOVECAL is a young French company with a strong expertise in catalysis, organic and material chemistry. We propose various R&D services in these fields (open innovation, custom synthesis, reaction and process optimization, use of biosourced or bioinspired molecules, development and sale of innovative products). Combination of our experience in catalysis with HTE technology allows us to perform fast optimization of customer’s catalytic reactions, by evaluating a large scope of catalysts and conditions.


We also develop innovative supported metal catalysts and ligands with increased performances and beneficial environmental footprint, perfectly designed for applications in pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fine chemical industries.


Speaker: Julien Buendia, Engineer R&D, Novecal

Oct  25th       14:00 (CET)

Leveraging our innovative technology platform, we develop patient-friendly, age-appropriate formulations that feature faster oral disintegration, better taste masking, and higher drug loading than currently available oral dosage forms.


There is a significant unmet medical need for children- and elderly-friendly formulations in clinical practice due to limited performance of current formulations as well as reduced acceptability and drug adherence for pediatric, elderly, and other special patient populations. Currently, there is time- and cost ineffectiveness in developing such patient-friendly oral medicines.


With our revolutionary Template-Inverted Particles (TIP-Technology, patent pending), we provide a new level of performance for oral dosage forms with several pharmaceutical and clinical advantages through a self-loading drug delivery mechanism and a two-step dissolution mechanism that enables targeted, ultra-rapid API release and improved bioavailability. As such, we facilitate the development of patient-friendly, age-appropriate oral dosage forms, which will increase acceptability and drug adherence, particularly in special patient populations such as children, the elderly, and patients with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties).



Investors: Sebasian Kassner, Head of Business Development, Switzerland

Start-Up Mentors

Alina Smotrova

SHL Medical AG

Senior Manager Ventures

Aline Noizet


Digital Health Connector

Amanda Curtis Burkardt

Nutripeutics Consulting

Founder & CEO

Anand Govindaluri

Govin Holdings

Founder & CEO

Brian Scanlan

Edgewater Capital

Senior Pharmaceutical Industry Executive

Bart Collet

Health Innovation School

VP Of Interstellar Expansion

Christophe Jauquet


Health Business Expert

Kevin Johnson


Co-founder and Venture Partner

Matt Dixon

CCD Partners

Marc Chevalier


Healthtech & Deeptech ecosystem facilitator

Nemo Rime


Vice President

Thomas Kern

VINC - The Capital Of Life Sciences

Managing Partner / Founder

Vincent Galand

ESCP Business School

Digital Health Expert - Lecturer

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